ax the singer

first i wanna thank the beautiful souls who sang their hearts out just like me for my album. you have all done very great.
i also wanna thank the beautiful artists which stories inspired me to tell my own story and be brave enough to do so.
after all that’s just what this album is for me, being brave enough to share myself as who i am. i am me. me is this album. this album is a representation of my life the last year and a half. i’ve learned a lot about myself, people and life that time. all the emotions that were caused by the ups ’n downs during this learnin’ moments were my inspiration for my own lyrics, my own melodies and also the covers i have chosen and changed to my own thing. i think the most important thing ‘t know is that life isn’t always easy, but that’s also what makes it so wonderful sometimes. 
life is full of ups ‘n downs. for me the downs were heartbreak, lying people that made me angry, being lonely, being uncertain about who i am. this album helped me discover who i am.
i am me. i am a boy who’s greatest passion is music ‘n singin. that’s my talent. everyone has their own talents. i am a boy who loves boys and who loves to wear make up, but don’t get me wrong there i love girls even more, but those souls are just my friends ‘n they are the best. i love make up because i love art. i love art because music to my eyes is also art. art grows from your own emotions and visions.
the most important thing is to be real ’n that’s my album.